Big thanks to everyone who reported the Analog stick Bug, that should be sorted shortly.
Currently installing the codex entries and creating some unique graphics for the entries. Thought about logging them alphabetically, but it's probably more convenient to have a last in first out structure.
The Codex system is coming out with the next update.  Nearly done with the visuals, be programing them into the game this week.  Also the punch now works on any object, that glitch along with a few other minor ones have been fixed.  Please, let me know if you find any others and I'll given a good patching.
This week brings work on the Codex, this feature and it's soon to be added functionality will replace the Scan function which never quite worked in the way I hoped it might. In a slower paced or turn based game sure sure, but here I think not.Hope to see you there!


Big ol Update today, including:
- Complete Art overall
- Controller Support
- Map Improvements
- Several Fixes

What to play the latest version and meet the Creator?
Drop by BrassCity ComicCon on April 30th from 10 AM to 6PM

Naugatuck Valley Community College
750 Chase Pkwy, Waterbury, Connecticut 06708

Hope to see you there!

Spent much of this month on mapping, improving the graphics and fixing a rather annoying glitch.  Should have the final version d before the Con on the 30th.

3 / 31 / 2016 Does it Sting

Just completed the Giant Wasp Drone Sprite.  It is the mini-boss from the Hive area in Broken.

Check it out in the Demo


Greetings Friends, It's been a while since my last post, I am, in the words of my colleagues a hermit developer. So here's what I've done since the first Trailer was released:

 - Polished the heck out of the code, the Demo should play smooth and glitch free

- A free graphical improvements and tweaks, more to come on that front

- A few new bits, one involving some insights in this world

Also, as you may have gleamed from the title we've taken the next step to get on Steam. Already just being part of the Greenlight program has been great, some very helpful critiques have lead to some improvements in the last few days. If we get the necessary votes we can take the next step and make Broken a reality.

So please vote for Broken and if you have an idea to make the game better let us know.