This week brings work on the Codex, this feature and it's soon to be added functionality will replace the Scan function which never quite worked in the way I hoped it might. In a slower paced or turn based game sure sure, but here I think not.Hope to see you there!



Codex ix like a website and its working very well. Many peoples do it for his official and personal works. My personal opinion computer course has great values in jobs.

10/13/2017 10:52pm

I would love to see those characters come to life one day. It can be thru 3D animation or cosplay. Kids nowadays are very creative and resourceful. I know someone who shops for materials from thrift shops. She customizes it and turns it into costumes. She keeps winning contests because of this. It really does not matter how much your materials cost. If you are creative, you can outshine everyone.


Yeah, I am sure this Comiccon was amazing. I will gladly visit this event next year.


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